Hi. I’m Andrew.

Andrew in Hobbiton

You can usually find me hammering away at my keyboard writing scenes, articles, blog posts, or tirelessly working on editing. I wear contacts and save my glasses for when I’m writing because I feel like they give me superpowers. My hair is usually frizzed out in a million directions, I’m rarely without a coffee, and my desk chair (though missing a wheel) is my best friend.

Among the blog posts and articles I produce, I write fantasy books, which is a large focus of this website. If you’re looking to hire me for freelance work, visit Andrew J. Writes. Likewise, if you’ve stumbled here looking for my travel blog, visit Andrew J. Travels.

If you’re already in the right spot, welcome aboard!

Here you will find all of the latest news and updates as to what I’m doing with my book series and general writing career. I like to encourage my readers to reach for their wildest dreams while accompanying me on my personal journey to attain all of mine.

Latest News and Upcoming Projects

I’ve recently returned from a year-long stint in New Zealand (which you can read about here and here). I’m doing my best to transfer my brain from New Zealand back to America, but I have quite a few projects I’ll be juggling around in the coming months:

1. The Revision

I’m full steam onto the revision for Immortality Awaits. I’m currently recording the audiobook, but am also recording it by video and critiquing the chapter at the end.

This is part of my aim to allow the reader to experience the construction of the novel with me and join me in seeing it grow from start to finish. The videos will only be available to my revision team, and if you’d like to be a part of that, click here.

2. Cross Country America

On top of that, I am planning a cross-country road trip through America as I head back to Lowell, Massachusetts. I feel as though spending a month or two there instead of just a weekend visit will help me fine-tune every last detail of the revision from start to finish.

You can keep up with my travel journeys (currently chronicling my time in New Zealand) at Andrew J. Travels.

3. Confessions of a Writer

Also in the works is my new YouTube series, Confessions of a Writer. I currently have a few posts on my blog from a podcast called The Artist Mindset, which has not gone away, but transcription takes me longer than I thought and a video series, to me, is easier.

The YouTube series will chronicle what it is like to be a writer, and will cover topics like, “What Writers Think When You Tell Them to Put You in Their Story,” and, “How Writers Go Through A Lot More Than You Realize.” Stay tuned for more information.

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